Latest drafts of my research papers:

Work in progress:

Exposure to War and its Labor Market Consequences over the Life Cycle

with Sebastian Braun

Immigration and Monopsony: Evidence Across the Distribution of Firms

with Michael Amior

The Integration of Migrants in the German Labor Market: Evidence over 50 years

with Paul Berbée

Labor Market Effects of Immigration – Identification and Interpretation

with Christian Dustmann, Sebastian Otten and Uta Schönberg

The Dynamic Response of Municipal Budgets to Revenue Shocks

with Ines Helm
Previous version: IZA Discussion Paper No. 14369
New version: August 2022
R&R at the AEJ: Applied Economics

Name-Based Estimators of Intergenerational Mobility (new version)

with Torsten Santavirta
R&R at the Economic Journal 

A Life-Cycle Estimator of Intergenerational Income Mobility

with Ursula Mello and Martin Nybom
R&R at the Review of Economics and Statistics

Interpreting Trends in Intergenerational Mobility (new version)

with Martin Nybom
Previous version: SOFI Working Paper 3/2014
Discussed at the Brookings Institution
R&R (3rd round) at the Journal of Political Economy

Estimating Intergenerational and Assortative Processes in Extended Family Data

with Dolores Collado and Ignacio Ortuño-Ortín
forthcoming in the Review of Economic Studies
WP Version

Multigenerational Inequality

forthcoming in the Research Handbook on Intergenerational Inequality

Educational Inequality

with Jo Blanden and Matthias Doepke
Handbook of the Economics of Education, Volume 6, 2023
WP Version

Measurement Errors and Rank Correlations

with Martin Nybom and Toru Kitagawa
Available as cemmap Working Paper CWP28/18

Quasi-Random Matches: Evidence from Dual Labor Markets

with Henry Redondo and Maria Castellanos

Multigenerational Transmission and Assortative Mating: Evidence from Indonesia

with Sarah Cattan, Antonio Dalla-Zuanna and Po Yin Wong

The Effect of Economic Crisis on Career Choices

with Edvin Hertegård, Julien Grenet, Hans Grönqvist and Martin Nybom

Firm Drivers of Intergenerational Earnings Persistence

with Erika Forsberg and Martin Nybom

The Social Origins of Effort

with Jonas Radl and the Effort Team

Occupational Choice and Family Background: the Role of Borrowing Constraints

with Salvatore Lo Bello, Ursula Mello and Martin Nybom


Shift-Share Instruments and Dynamic Adjustments: The Case of Immigration

with Joakim Ruist and David A. Jaeger
NBER Working Paper 24285 // updated version
Discussed at David McKenzie’s World Bank Blog
R&R at the Journal of Labor Economics

The Impact of Immigration: Why Do Studies Reach Such Different Results?

with Christian Dustmann and Uta Schönberg
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 30(4), 2016  // WP version

Labor Supply Shocks, Native Wages, and the Adjustment of Local Employment

with Christian Dustmann and Uta Schönberg
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 132(1), 2017 // WP version

Intergenerational Mobility:

Steady-state Assumptions in Intergenerational Mobility Research

with Martin Nybom
Journal of Economic Inequality, 2019

The Transmission of Inequality Across Multiple Generations:
Testing Recent Theories with Evidence from Germany

with Sebastian Braun
Economic Journal, Vol. 128(609), 2018  // WP version

Biases in Standard Measures of Intergenerational Income Dependence

with Martin Nybom
Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 52(3), 2017 // WP version

Mobility Across Multiple Generations: The Iterated Regression Fallacy

download PDF
Previous version available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 7072

Heterogeneous Income Profiles and Life-Cycle Bias
in Intergenerational Mobility Estimation

with Martin Nybom
Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 51(1), 2016
Previous version available as IZA Discussion Paper No. 5988

Reviews and Policy Reports:

The Study of Intergenerational Mobility using Administrative Data

JRC Science for Policy Report (2020),
for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission

A Review of Intergenerational Mobility and its Drivers

JRC Technical Report (2018),
for the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission